Sunday 8 December 2013

What to do with leftover Lego?

Our oldest son played with lego when he was little.  As he got older he switched to Knex.  So we have this tub of lego that  no one is using.  (the boys are now 23 & 21 years old).  Son1 suggested giving it to his cousin who is 10 and LOVES Lego, though I think he probably has every Lego piece made.... LOL

Went out for breakfast with my sister-in-law the other day and mentioned that we had all this Lego and I was thinking of making a picture frame.  She suggested a lamp!  So I purchased a lamp the other day, and yesterday afternoon spread all the Lego on the table and came up with this:





  1. Very cool. I wonder if you can paint the lamp shade to add color to the top.

    1. I had thought about gluing some Lego pieces to it.... but had enough hot glue on my fingers already :)

  2. This is awesome, and any Lego lover would appreciate it. =0)

  3. That's really neat! My son is 12...every time one of his 10000+ piece sets gets broken by him or my 4 year old daughter it NEVER gets put back together. I fear that he'll go off to university and I'll put them all together. Instead of being a cat lady, I'll be someone with the entire Lego Star Wars collection in her basement!

  4. Wow what a great idea!!!! My son would loce that.

  5. Wow what a great idea!!!! My son would loce that.

  6. Wow, such a cool idea! And it looks awesome.


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